EMPOWERing Youth with Visual Impairment

Equipping More Professionals on Work and Education in Rural Communities

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Our Work

We work in the following areas:

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An accessible website that houses transition-specific resources and information for youth with visual impairment, their families, and teachers, with a focus on supporting those in rural communities.
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Online Courses for Students

Virtual interactive lessons and activities on transition topics, specific to the needs of transition-aged students with visual impairment living in rural communities. Lessons can be completed independently, with the support of a family member at home, or with a teacher.
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Online Courses for Families and Professionals

Interactive virtual (online courses) and static (printable materials) resources to enhance the knowledge and skills of families, teachers, and Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) providers.
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Family and Professional Connection

High-quality virtual communities of practice for families and teachers to learn about evidence-based practices and to allow time for brainstorming solutions to specific challenges.
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Student Mentorship

A mentorship program to connect current transition-aged students with adults with visual impairment who either (a) are/ have been employed or (b) are attending/have graduated from college.
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Monthly Newsletter

A monthly newsletter that includes website updates and a deep dive on a specific transition practice of the month for students, families, and teachers to work on at school, at home, and/or in the community.

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